the Old Mill Farmhouse Kitchen


The Old Mill property and its businesses are completely handicap-accessible for our guests. Many of the entrances are on the ground level; those that are elevated have ramps.

Walkways are made of concrete, brick, and stone and can be a little bumpy in some places for guests in wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and children in strollers, but they are all passable by wheelchairs. Guests who are visually impaired should be able to navigate the more organic paths with a little care.

Handicap parking spots are located closest to entryways and ramps.

  • The Old Mill Restaurant has a multi-level ramp to the entry and it also has an elevator from the parking level into the foyer. Once inside, there is a lift to the 1st level dining room. There are two levels of dining rooms and the entry level. The entry level is where you’ll find the restrooms, so you may want to wash up before heading to your tables.
  • The Pottery House Cafe has 2 entrances, both on the ground level, with parking close to both entrances.
  • The shops of The Old Mill have entrances at ground level or level with the walkways.The Old Forge Distillery has a ramp to the entrance.
  • Our Historic Old Mill is accessible on the 1st floor for guests taking tours, but there are no lifts or assistance to the 2nd level, due to the historic nature of the building.

Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. We’d be happy to help. 

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