An employee at The Old Mill Candy Kitchen stands at the candy counter case holding a caramel apple

Hungry? You’ll Love These Food Updates at The Old Mill

Do you love food as much as we do? Then you’ll love the latest food updates from around Old Mill Square.

Grab & Go Goodies Are Here

August brings Grab & Go goodies to the Farmhouse Kitchen. Stop by and see what Vickie’s cooked up for you. Check out the Biscuit Bar from 9 am-11 am for fresh, made-to-order biscuits with country ham, chicken, sausage or bacon.

Our Coffee & Tea Bar is up and running all day long, so come by for a cup. Pick up a few containers of chicken salad, pimento cheese, bacon dip, strawberry and spinach salad and deviled eggs for lunch or dinner. Great for families, for sharing and for get-togethers.

Candy Kitchen Gets A Sweet Remodeling

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. With that milestone just around the corner, we decided a makeover was in order. Crews literally revamped the space from top to bottom. From refinishing the floor to installing a new chandelier, no surface escaped the touch of their skilled hands.

We’ve added new kitchen equipment to help us create even more delicious chocolates, and new cabinetry to showcase the irresistible results. A new chocolate temperer works alongside our nearly 100-year-old taffy pulling and wrapping machines.

New counters now line the walls, tables grace the center area, new lighting has been installed, and all the colors of the candy rainbow fill the room. You can help yourself at our self-serve candy bins, or ask a friendly staffer to bag up your favorite freshly made treats.

All of our Old Mill classics are still going strong, and we’re working on some sweet new ideas as well.

The Candy Kitchen has remained open throughout the remodeling, but we’ll celebrate its new look with a Grand Re-Opening soon. Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for details.

And don’t forget to tag us at @TheOldMillTN, so we can share your love of all things food.

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