Stone-Ground Cornmeal

Dressing Spoonbread | The Old Mill

Dressing Spoonbread

Similar to a souffle, the spoonbread will puff up high in the oven, and quickly collapses once removed from the oven. The flavors are similar to cornbread dressing, and

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Blackberry Cornmeal Pancakes | The Old Mill

Blackberry Cornmeal Pancakes

Blackberries are all you need to make a classic breakfast in a short amount of time, as the other ingredients required are staple items you should have in your

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Bacon Cornbread | The Old Mill

Bacon Cornbread

Few recipes, if any, are more Southern than cornbread. While there is much debate about how to make it, we like this version with the added smoky flavor of

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Tennessee Chess Pie | The Old Mill

Tennessee Chess Pie

One of our favorite Tennessee desserts is the chess pie, a true Southern classic. Made with just eggs, butter, and sugar, with the addition of cornmeal and vinegar, this

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