Our Story

Our History

Just as the pure spring waters of the Little Pigeon River is the lifeblood of the bustling little mountain city of Pigeon Forge, The Old Mill is its heart and soul. Though we love to create and innovate, everything we do is inspired by where we came from.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s authentic and real while living and working in a community filled with neon-lit tourist attractions.  This makes us all the more determined to keep the Old Mill’s story, food, and crafts alive for future generations. 

Our People


The Old Mill has been a family-owned business throughout its existence. Today, our workplace family includes 450 talented artisans, cooks, and helping hands who share their passions to make The Old Mill the special place that it is. Chances are you’ll meet some of them when you visit.


Our Values

The Old Mill has been nourishing its community since its earliest days. Isolated farm families built friendships as their grains were ground. The mill’s front door soon became a bulletin board, and mill later housed the town’s first post office. Now as always, we strive to do all we can to be a good neighbor while staying connected to the outside world.

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