10 Things to Know About Stone-Ground Grits

1.Whole grain 
They’re whole-grain corn ground between two heavy stones each day here at The Old Mill.

2. They’re old
They were first prepared by Native Americans before European settlers came to this country.

3. Water-powered
The stones that grind our corn are powered by a water wheel that collects the current of the swift-moving Little Pigeon River.

4. Coarse in texture
And more flavorful and full of fiber than other types of grits because they contain more of the corn kernel.

5. Store in the freezer
Because stone-ground grits contain the kernel, they need to be kept in the freezer for optimum freshness – up to six months. Pull out when you are ready to cook.

6. They take longer to cook
Stone-ground grits need from 25 to 45 minutes of simmering time. The amount of time is a personal preference, as some people like them more crunchy while others like the creamy texture grits get after simmering for 45 minutes.

7. Remember 1 to 4.
The ratio of grits to liquid in cooking stone-ground grits is 1 to 4. For every 1 cup of grits, cook them in 4 cups liquid.

8. Cook in a heavy pot
To keep grits smooth and creamy, stir often, and cook in a heavy pot.

9. Leftovers are delicious
If you have leftover grits, pour them into a shallow pan and chill. The next day, cut into squares, dip in egg and then dredge in a little seasoned flour and fry on both sides until golden.

10. Go with everything.
Grits are like mashed potatoes – except better! They go with fried chicken, shrimp, grilled steak, even a slice of ripe tomato.

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