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The Old Mill is known for its dining, shopping, family events, and friendly atmosphere. Visit the historic mill, our shops, and restaurants to experience true Smoky Mountain hospitality. 



Tour The Historic Old Mill 

Step back in time….watch our millers use the same equipment to grind Old Mill grains as was done when the mill was built in 1830. You’ll learn how the giant stones are turned by harnessing the river’s power, and hear stories about the mill’s history through almost two centuries.


The Old Mill General Store 


Visit The Old Mill General Store adjacent to the mill, where you can purchase bags of stone-ground cornmeal, grits, the mix for fritters like you were served for breakfast at The Old Mill Restaurant, other grains and mixes, and a variety of gifts and souvenirs. 




Dine with us and enjoy a traditional, hearty Southern meal, served family-style, at The Old Mill Restaurant on the Pigeon River by the historic mill.  Or stroll across the street to The Old Mill Pottery House Café & Grille, where you can eat outside by the fountain or inside the warm, inviting dining room. Products ground at The Old Mill are used in many of the dishes at both restaurants, including grits, biscuits, fritters, pancakes, hush puppies, and muffins. Our own grains go into homemade artisan-style breads prepared each day at The Old Mill Pottery House Café & Grille Bakery.  


The Old Mill Creamery


At The Old Mill Creamery, cool off with a scoop or two in a cornmeal sugar cone, or order one of our popular sundaes, shakes, homemade ice cream sandwiches, or grinders: tall glasses of ice cream mixed with your choice of sauces and crushed Candy Kitchen candies. Our new signature line of ice creams incorporate local, farm-fresh ingredients, grains from the mill, homemade candies from The Old Mill Candy Kitchen next door, and spirits from Old Forge Distillery.

The Old Mill Pigeon River Pottery


Shop for one-of-a-kind, beautifully-glazed, functional pieces at the Pigeon River Pottery created by our master potter.  Our potters still use the same process today as they did 50 years ago; you can watch them at the potter’s wheel in the demonstration studio. They are reinterpreting traditional designs using clay unique to this area, and finishing them by hand with original glazes developed to reflect the colors found in nature here in the Tennessee mountains.

The Old Mill Candy Kitchen 


Taste our time-tested candy recipes and watch our artisan candy makers at work in The Old Mill Candy Kitchen.  Our experienced confectioners make homemade chocolates, pour caramel on huge slabs for cooling,  dip apples, and more in the open kitchen. Take home our famous taffy, fudge assortment, or Bear Paws — an original decadent chocolate, caramel, and nut creation.  


The Old Mill Farmhouse Kitchen


Shop The Old Mill Farmhouse Kitchen to take home products that we use in our restaurants, our stone ground mill products, and thoughtful gifts and keepsakes.  Our recent renovation has opened new space for grab-and-go soups and salads, snacks, bakery desserts and breads, and heat-and-serve dinner items like we serve at the restaurant and café. Watch our pastry chef bake in the open kitchen; we’re loading the store with sweet treats.




Don't miss Sassafras, a shop just for the ladies. You’ll find the latest trends in clothing designs, purses, boots, hats, scarves, and fashion jewelry.


The Old Forge Distillery


The Old Forge Distillery is the latest addition to The Old Mill. Next door to the mill, we’ve converted a century-old barn into a distillery, taking advantage of our grains. Just as settlers turned their leftover grain into moonshine, we distill grain from the mill into premium spirits.  You can taste our innovative flavors and purchase clothing, pottery jugs, decanters, and other specialty products. For more, visit us at